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Honorable Susanna Ledesma Woody

Del Valle Community Coalition President

Susanna is one of the original members of the Del Valle Community Coalition and is currently serving as the President. As President of the Del Valle Community Coalition her goal is to close the disparity gaps in Travis County and is committed to making sure the community is provided access to resources that improve their quality of life. She is a wife, working mother of three and native Central Texan. She balances a successful career in project management, with family time and community service. In her free time, she enjoys naps.

Tina Byram

Del Valle Community Coalition Vice President I

Tina Byram is currently serving as Vice President I of the Del Valle Community Coalition and she plans to use her media skills to bring awareness to the lack of food accessibility and inadequate healthcare service in the Del Valle area.  She is originally from Orange County, California, and majored in Media Studies.  Utilizing her media skills and the DelValle Blast she will create an outlet that informs others of the injustices going on in the Del Valle area. She moved to Austin, Texas, ten years ago, to be closer to her in-laws, and soon after her parents and brother followed.  Tina enjoys reading, knitting, and watching movies.


Patricia King

Del Valle Community Coalition Vice President II

Patricia King is an original member of the Del Valle Community Coalition and currently serving as Vice President II.  She has lobbied for years for transportation, food access and emergency services in Del Valle.  She has and continues to work with sector neighborhoods for development and infrastructure in the far Southeast area of Travis County.  Her goals are to obtain access to grocery stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities in Del Valle. Mrs. King loves to visit her grandchildren and watch scary movies.

Roy C Woody Jr.

Del Valle Community Coalition Secretary

Roy Woody Jr. is currently serving as the Secretary of the Del Valle Community Coalition.  Roy’s skills in writing, messaging, and strategy will be used to help with advocating for the community. His goal is to see the community attain access to fresh food, health care, transportation and other essential services currently lacking in this growing region.  Roy is married with 3 children ages 4 to 17 all of whom have been raised in this area. In his free time, he likes to exercise, relax with family, and express his creative side.  He went to ITT Tech and has worked in the tech industry since 2000.


Vanessa Fuentes

Del Valle Community Coalition Community Liaison

Vanessa Fuentes is the Community Liaison of the Del Valle Community Coalition. Vanessa served as an advocacy strategist for the American Heart Association, where she mobilized advocates throughout the Southwest region of the country to advocate for improved access to healthy food, demand quality health care, and reduce health disparities.  Her goal is to help Del Valle Community Coalition address healthcare equity in Austin. She has dedicated herself to championing causes that empower Latinas to reach their full potential through education. She is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant mother and Vietnam veteran father and was raised with the belief that education is the greatest equalizer. As a first-generation college graduate from The University of Texas at Austin she believes that Your zip code should not determine your health or how long you live.

Alan Davis

Del Valle Community Coalition Treasurer

Alan Davis is currently serving as the Treasurer for the Del Valle Community Coalition.  He is a retired tax and customs professional that recently started a new career in property management.  Alan plans on using his tax knowledge to manage the financial affairs of the Del Valle Community Coalition.  Alan is married with two children and enjoys eBay.


Alyssa Rodriguez

Del Valle Community Coalition Membership Coordinator

Alyssa Rodriguez is currently serving as the Membership Coordinator for the Del Valle Community Coalition.  She was a public-school educator teaching science at Del Valle Elementary for seven years after graduating from St. Edward's University with a degree in Biology. Her experiences in the classroom and love for science led to changing careers into the field of public health. Alyssa is currently a graduate student at USC's Keck School of Medicine participating in the online Masters of Public Health program. Her goal is to assist in mobilizing efforts that bring resources to Del Valle that are necessary for improving the overall health of the community. Alyssa is passionate about closing health disparities among marginalized populations with a focus on helping Hispanic women and children. She loves reading, listening to music, and spending time outdoors.


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